My psychic kid

Kids say the darndest things, right?

Sometimes, if you listen with an ear open to the spiritual side of life, children in your life can blow you away. Some things just can’t be discounted as a coincidence.

Like when my darling Penny, as a 4-year-old, coyly told me “the twins” were behind me. She gets a certain look on her face when spirit is involved, a little smirk, and then refuses to explain further.

Well, shortly before that day, I had a reading with Brittany Selle of The Guided Life. She told me that part of my spirit guide group was a set of boy-girl twins named Cody and Caida. OK, that’s neat. I didn’t not believe her, but I didn’t have “proof.” Well, Penny helped give me that proof. I’d never told her about that reading, let alone any details… I mean, she was 4.

A few months later, my sister was over for lunch. There we were with my kids, eating sandwiches, when Penny calmly asks, “What’s Caida’s brother’s name?”

We were gobsmacked. I mean… how. How could that be a coincidence. I don’t mean to be rude, but Caida is hardly a name. It’s not like Ann or Jenny or whatever — it’s not common whatsoever. This wasn’t a coincidence. My little Penny Pie definitely has a gift.

Fast forward to a few days ago. Penny leaned out of the shopping cart in the check-out line and told our cashier, “Hey! Mason has a kid named Carey!”

Mason is my brother. I don’t want to say we’re estranged because it’s a little too raw to use that word, so let’s just say… he’s taking some time away from the family, in Europe, for several years. He got married and they’re expecting a child soon, which I found out by shamelessly stalking social media accounts. The baby should be coming soon.

I hardly talk to Penny about Mason, and if I do, he’s Uncle Mase. She doesn’t know he’s married, or that they’re having a baby. He hasn’t been to the States since she was a newborn. Now I’m lurking on social media entirely too much to see what the name the kid! Thanks for the extra push to be nosy, sweet daughter of mine.


Take me to Lily Dale, please.

If you want a super realistic, easy-reading look at the world of being a medium, check out the Lily Dale series.

Author Wendy Corsi-Staub grew up outside the small town of Lily Dale, New York, a spiritualist community. That means, most residents are lightworkers of some variety — mediums, psychics, healers, tarot card readers. The real-life town is hoppin’ in the summer season with tourists looking to find connections to loved ones who’ve passed. Corsi-Staub’s interest in the community was real, and she visited many mediums as a teenager. She took that interest and turned it into seven books, four of which are of the young-adult genre.


Protagonist Calla Delaney is a teenager who finds herself in “the Dale” under tragic circumstances: her mother passed away unexpectedly, and she goes to stay with her estranged maternal grandmother, a medium. Her skepticism is quickly replaced with firm belief in the world of psychics and mediumship as she realizes she also has a gift.

Throughout the series, readers watch Calla grow and blossom, which is super relatable to my teenage and young adult years. With my busy lifestyle and collection of small kiddos, I need easy, interesting books. I need to lose myself in someone else’s life and journey, and this series delivers. I also have been craving another outlet for mediumship, and honestly didn’t know fiction about it existed until I found Cori-Staub’s series.

lily dale

It’s worth admitting that this addictive series has me researching a dream trip to Lily Dale…

Oracle cards with kids? Why not!

I have fond memories of holiday get-togethers including a nice dose of spirituality as a young child. Family dinners would wrap up, the table would be cleared, and my mom and Auntie would lay out Tarot card spreads. My siblings and I loved watching and connecting with certain cards. Our Auntie would do a watered-down reading for each of us, and it was just neat to be included. I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a mainstream holiday tradition until years later.

I love my deck of Indigo Angel Oracle Cards. There’s no reason why they’re not kid-friendly, except that the illustrations are a bit sophisticated. But I never got the urge to show them to my children. However, when I received Affirmators! Cards from my best friend for my birthday, I was thrilled. Not only was I hankering for another deck of oracle cards, these were perfect to share with the little ones!

I waited until Violet, 15 months, went down for a nap. I lured the big kids downstairs with brownies and the promise of showing them something cool. After treats were eaten and hands were washed, they asked if the surprise was pizza. Dare I say, the Affirmators cards are cooler than pizza?

cards 1

Luckily, when I brought out the totally rad bunny-riding-a-unicorn cards, it was love. First, they laid them all out so the back of each card faced up. Then, I showed them that each card has a different illustration on each side. They flipped each one over, narrating their findings. It occupied them for a good few minutes.

cards 2

Penny, 5, really liked the Joy card. Maybe it’s because she likes popcorn, maybe because she’s a joyful little bundle of energy. Regardless, she was drawn to it.

cards 6

She also enjoyed Malcolm’s favorite, the Friendliness card, and said it looks like her dad. For the sake of clarity, their father is NOT an alligator.

cards 5

I didn’t really have expectations for this experience; I was just hoping they would have an interest in the cards. And they loved them. Mediumship friends have recommended pulling them out to flip through when tensions are high, which is something I definitely plan to do.


And even though this deck is made by a clever gift company, the cards are legit. I’ve pulled some when life is rough and guidance is needed, and I was blown away by the accuracy. I guess it goes to show that the methods of receiving guidance vary — oracle cards, tarot, tea leaves, rubes, the list goes on — but if you’re in the zone and ready to connect to spirit, they’ll be flexible enough to adapt to your preferred method and come through with a message.

This review was not affiliated with or paid for by Knock Knock.

Just peachy!

Yesterday was my first Halloween that included visits from spirits!

I was begging to have ghostie shit happen last year. In my personal experience, when you’re reaching for it, it just doesn’t come to fruition. Set the intention that you’re up for a visit, but then relax and put it out of your mind.

In the wee early morning of Halloween, I was awoken by the scent of canned peaches. Not fresh peaches, but super sugary, swimming-in-syrup sliced peaches. In my bedroom, in the middle of the night, in a home that does not believe in canned peaches.

Here’s why that made me super happy.

Last week, I saw a post on Facebook asking what food you ate too much of as a child and can’t stomach as an adult. Instantly, I commented canned peaches. My grandma gave us so many as kids! And I get that — if there’s something my kids like and are willing to eat that’s not total junk, I’ll give it to them as much as they want. I just overdid it and now can’t go near them.

When I awoke to the familiar aroma, I knew it was my grandma. I also saw some sort of wavy, misty white thing across the room. I figured that had something to do with the peach smell, smiled, and went back to sleep. As one does when they’re a sleep-deprived mother of three.

So, I was pretty jazzed about that in the morning. I’d read about the veil between the living and spirit world thinning at Halloween, and I finally got to experience it! Shortly after, my children were running around the kitchen. I was in the other room and heard a man’s voice ask, “What are you doing?” I saw Penny, 5, look up. I thought my husband had come home, even though it wasn’t his voice, but he didn’t.

After thinking about how to thoughtfully present a question in a non-leading way, I asked Penny, “Have you seen anything funny today?” She looked above/behind me and said, “Something … funny?” And walked away. OK, got it, there’s some dude behind me. Cool. Happy Halloween, kids!

The day continued as normal, with costumes, trick-or-treating, and a healthy dose of Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers to round out the evening. My holiday just wouldn’t have been complete without having the daylights scared out of me, but other mediums feel differently — you can get my sister’s take on Halloween as a medium here.

Let’s get ghostie.

This is the story of a family of 5: two strong-willed little girls, a semi-rabid wild boy, a super smart engineer, and a woman laughing through the struggles, seeking for inner peace, and trying to figure out what to be when she grows up.

I’m Kelsey, mama to 5-year-old Penny June, 3-year-old Malcolm, and 1-year-old Violet. Strangers at grocery stores love to tell me that I have my hands full… and they’re correct.

I worked as a journalist for a few small-town newspapers until I had Penny, which is when I realized that being a mom was way more fun than attending city council meetings and hitting deadlines. I got a job at a now-closed mom and baby boutique/support center. It was there that I fell deeply in love with attachment parenting: babywearing, breastfeeding, bonding, the whole 9 yards.

Anyway! As a writer who is also a mom, I needed a platform where I can share hilarious stories about my children. I want to talk about my life, my struggles, my parenting experience, and… ghosts.

Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Up until a few years ago, I’d seen ghosts here and there. I always believed in them, and would feel their energy. But when my grandma died in 2015, my psychic gifts opened. As I said goodbye to her, just she and I in her memory care room, I told her to visit all the time — come see my kids play and watch them grow up. She’s always welcome.

The next day, she died. And a few days later, Penny casually told me, “Mom, she’s here ALL. THE. TIME.”

My mind was blown. My twin sister’s gift also opened at that time, and she now works as a part-time medium, selling readings online in which she connects to clients’ loved ones who’ve crossed over. I haven’t made my abilities into a sort of career yet, but I have plans to once I stop blaming my children for my lack of time and get to work.

The name Mothering By The Moon represents my connection with spirituality — the moon is a divinely feminine symbol of fertility, intuition and motherhood. I chitchat with the moon when she’s out and my house is finally calm and quiet. I believe in moon cycles and how her energy affects us. If you ask me, the moon can shift tides, so there’s no reason why she can’t shift emotions. (No one asked me.)

So, this is a mom blog, but not an ordinary mom blog. Let’s get ghostie, shall we?