Let’s get ghostie.

This is the story of a family of 5: two strong-willed little girls, a semi-rabid wild boy, a super smart engineer, and a woman laughing through the struggles, seeking for inner peace, and trying to figure out what to be when she grows up.

I’m Kelsey, mama to 5-year-old Penny June, 3-year-old Malcolm, and 1-year-old Violet. Strangers at grocery stores love to tell me that I have my hands full… and they’re correct.

I worked as a journalist for a few small-town newspapers until I had Penny, which is when I realized that being a mom was way more fun than attending city council meetings and hitting deadlines. I got a job at a now-closed mom and baby boutique/support center. It was there that I fell deeply in love with attachment parenting: babywearing, breastfeeding, bonding, the whole 9 yards.

Anyway! As a writer who is also a mom, I needed a platform where I can share hilarious stories about my children. I want to talk about my life, my struggles, my parenting experience, and… ghosts.

Bet you didn’t see that coming!

Up until a few years ago, I’d seen ghosts here and there. I always believed in them, and would feel their energy. But when my grandma died in 2015, my psychic gifts opened. As I said goodbye to her, just she and I in her memory care room, I told her to visit all the time — come see my kids play and watch them grow up. She’s always welcome.

The next day, she died. And a few days later, Penny casually told me, “Mom, she’s here ALL. THE. TIME.”

My mind was blown. My twin sister’s gift also opened at that time, and she now works as a part-time medium, selling readings online in which she connects to clients’ loved ones who’ve crossed over. I haven’t made my abilities into a sort of career yet, but I have plans to once I stop blaming my children for my lack of time and get to work.

The name Mothering By The Moon represents my connection with spirituality — the moon is a divinely feminine symbol of fertility, intuition and motherhood. I chitchat with the moon when she’s out and my house is finally calm and quiet. I believe in moon cycles and how her energy affects us. If you ask me, the moon can shift tides, so there’s no reason why she can’t shift emotions. (No one asked me.)

So, this is a mom blog, but not an ordinary mom blog. Let’s get ghostie, shall we?