Oracle cards with kids? Why not!

I have fond memories of holiday get-togethers including a nice dose of spirituality as a young child. Family dinners would wrap up, the table would be cleared, and my mom and Auntie would lay out Tarot card spreads. My siblings and I loved watching and connecting with certain cards. Our Auntie would do a watered-down reading for each of us, and it was just neat to be included. I didn’t realize that this wasn’t a mainstream holiday tradition until years later.

I love my deck of Indigo Angel Oracle Cards. There’s no reason why they’re not kid-friendly, except that the illustrations are a bit sophisticated. But I never got the urge to show them to my children. However, when I received Affirmators! Cards from my best friend for my birthday, I was thrilled. Not only was I hankering for another deck of oracle cards, these were perfect to share with the little ones!

I waited until Violet, 15 months, went down for a nap. I lured the big kids downstairs with brownies and the promise of showing them something cool. After treats were eaten and hands were washed, they asked if the surprise was pizza. Dare I say, the Affirmators cards are cooler than pizza?

cards 1

Luckily, when I brought out the totally rad bunny-riding-a-unicorn cards, it was love. First, they laid them all out so the back of each card faced up. Then, I showed them that each card has a different illustration on each side. They flipped each one over, narrating their findings. It occupied them for a good few minutes.

cards 2

Penny, 5, really liked the Joy card. Maybe it’s because she likes popcorn, maybe because she’s a joyful little bundle of energy. Regardless, she was drawn to it.

cards 6

She also enjoyed Malcolm’s favorite, the Friendliness card, and said it looks like her dad. For the sake of clarity, their father is NOT an alligator.

cards 5

I didn’t really have expectations for this experience; I was just hoping they would have an interest in the cards. And they loved them. Mediumship friends have recommended pulling them out to flip through when tensions are high, which is something I definitely plan to do.


And even though this deck is made by a clever gift company, the cards are legit. I’ve pulled some when life is rough and guidance is needed, and I was blown away by the accuracy. I guess it goes to show that the methods of receiving guidance vary — oracle cards, tarot, tea leaves, rubes, the list goes on — but if you’re in the zone and ready to connect to spirit, they’ll be flexible enough to adapt to your preferred method and come through with a message.

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