Take me to Lily Dale, please.

If you want a super realistic, easy-reading look at the world of being a medium, check out the Lily Dale series.

Author Wendy Corsi-Staub grew up outside the small town of Lily Dale, New York, a spiritualist community. That means, most residents are lightworkers of some variety — mediums, psychics, healers, tarot card readers. The real-life town is hoppin’ in the summer season with tourists looking to find connections to loved ones who’ve passed. Corsi-Staub’s interest in the community was real, and she visited many mediums as a teenager. She took that interest and turned it into seven books, four of which are of the young-adult genre.


Protagonist Calla Delaney is a teenager who finds herself in “the Dale” under tragic circumstances: her mother passed away unexpectedly, and she goes to stay with her estranged maternal grandmother, a medium. Her skepticism is quickly replaced with firm belief in the world of psychics and mediumship as she realizes she also has a gift.

Throughout the series, readers watch Calla grow and blossom, which is super relatable to my teenage and young adult years. With my busy lifestyle and collection of small kiddos, I need easy, interesting books. I need to lose myself in someone else’s life and journey, and this series delivers. I also have been craving another outlet for mediumship, and honestly didn’t know fiction about it existed until I found Cori-Staub’s series.

lily dale

It’s worth admitting that this addictive series has me researching a dream trip to Lily Dale…